L-R: Will Wilmore, T'Nika Wilmore, Benod Durham, Ciara Smack, and Steven Smack


DRÉIM Inc, Is a 501c3 non- profit tax exempt corporation formed by  a group of individuals with a desire to impact generations through philanthropic efforts and outreach.


DRÉIM Inc.'s Vision 

Our vision, goal, and objective is to develop and implement programs that will inspire, empower, and propel individuals to maximize their potential by adventuring beyond self-limitations, to reach perpetual, sustainable change.



DRÉIM Inc.'s Mission 

To  focus on essential areas of life to include:  Health & Wellness, Education Enrichment, and Community Outreach, DRÉIM Inc. will strategically execute initiatives and directives that will provide a roadmap and path to vision, create opportunities and platforms to encourage self-enrichment, promote personal investment into community engagement, and stimulate intellectual and economic growth and development.